Ashburnham Solicitors

Ashburnham Solicitors provide practical and specialist legal advice on a full range of contractual, commercial and civil litigation family and employment disputes.

At Ashburnham Solicitors we concentrate on finding the best possible path forward to an early solution in order to avoid costly, high stakes and drawn out litigation.

We aim to place you in a position where you can resolve and move on from the dispute as swiftly as possible in the most cost efficient manner.

In some cases court proceedings will be required and in those circumstances you can rest assured that we have a wealth of experience of advising and representing clients on a wide range of disputes in both tribunals and courts at all levels.

Our approach is tried and tested and achieves good results, we place ourselves in your position and endeavour to provide the right solution for each particular client.

We work the problem through logically at every stage and in doing so maximise your prospects of success.