Insight Track

Insight Track offer market research services that provide clients with evidence, inspiration and direction to inform marketing planning and guide business decision-making.

Our focus is on helping organisations retain satisfied customers, sustain competitive advantage, develop market-leading products and services, differentiate themselves, make well-informed decisions and prepare effective marketing and business plans.

We are conversant with all research methodologies including telephone and face-to-face interviewing, focus groups, workshops, desk research, online surveys and all; and specialise in qualitative research (the rich, conversational, in-depth stuff!).

We are well-established, operate UK-wide and beyond, offer extensive experience across a broad spectrum of market sectors, work with organisations of all sizes from the smallest start-ups to the largest multinationals, and have undertaken research with a kaleidoscope of participant profiles (professional and general public).

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think you (or your clients) might benefit from insightful and directional market research – we’re always open for a chat and listening is our business!