Liam Murphy

Liam Murphy has worked in visual arts as an artist, producer, writer and curator for over 20 years. In 2014, he devised a business model around open artistic intellectual property assets which has become known as CultureBanking. Liam is now working with ‘content collectives’, public sector cultural organisations and artists generally, to organise their rights and creative assets for common causes and shared wealth. CultureBanks are currently working in consultation to develop shared assets and community rights with individual clients. At Lion House, as Tivoli Pictures, we have created our own ‘use case’ for the project. We are offering sourcing, scanning, photography and origination as a service and as ‘pictures, prints and ephemera,’ for sale to the trade and the public. We have a small gallery/showroom concession in Undercover Books, upstairs at Looses, Magdalen Street.

Instagram account: tivolipictures